Mormon Church accused of failing to report sexual abuse

| Jun 8, 2016 | Sex

According to the Associated Press, a Navajo man is suing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for failing to report sexual abuse he allegedly suffered at the hands of his foster father while in a foster care program called the Lamanite Placement Program in the 1970s. The man, identified as L.K. in the lawsuit, says that he reported the abuse at the time it occurred to Mormons in the program, but was told to remain in the program. L.K. is the fourth person from the Navajo Nation to sue the LDS Church for failing to protect him from sexual abuse.

Eric Hawkins, LDS Church spokesman, has said that the Church has changed its abuse reporting requirements over time and now more strictly tracks those accused of abuse. L.K. has brought his suit against the Church in Navajo Nation Tribal Court. Church attorneys have filed motions to have the suit moved to a Utah court.

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