87 year-old Florida Man Charged with Sex Battery in Nursing Home

| Jul 1, 2016 | Sex


An 87-year-old Lantana, Florida man with a reputation of fondling nursing home staff is facing sexual battery charges for performing oral sex on a 94-year-old man debilitated by Parkinson’s disease.

Louis Lawson appeared in court on Thursday, June 30, 2016, charged with sex battery.  On November 11, 2015, a member of the Village on High Ridge nursing home staff was called to the alleged victim’s room to find Lawson performing oral sex.  Lawson had previously been found by nursing staff touching himself and has a reputation for grabbing and fondling staff members.  On November 13, 2015, Lantana Police were called and notified about Lawson’s behavior. According to local news reports, Lawson told the staff that he was “horsing around” and that the victim wanted it.  Police reported that Lawson did not consider the incident rape because the victim did not push him away. According to nursing home staff, the victim is physically disabled, but aware of his surroundings.

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