State of Florida Orders Assisted Living Facility Closed Following Reports of Sex Assault In Facility

| Jul 15, 2016 | Firm News

Operators of an assisted living facility in Volusia County, Florida are being accused of failing to protect residents from ongoing incidents of sexual assault. Health care regulators in Florida issued an emergency suspension Order mandating that Grace Manor Assisted Living and Memory Care close its doors by July 26 at 5pm for failure to properly report and document incidents of sexual assault.

In May or June 2016 a male patient with dementia, who has also been diagnosed with a sex addiction according to the State Agency for Health Care Administration, allegedly sexually assaulted a female patient. The same male patient was reported to have sexually assaulted two other female patients at the facility. On June 20, 2016, the man was removed from the facility, but returned about a week later. According to the state regulators’ report, the facility staff responded by telling residents to lock their doors, which could pose other risks in the case of an emergency.

State regulators said that the facility staff “did nothing to address an ongoing and known threat” and “turned a blind eye to the health and well-being of those residents known to have been victimized.” Grace Manor has 30 days to appeal the order.

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