Second Sexual Assault Lawsuit Filed in Orlando Against Dr. Gopal Basisht

| Sep 20, 2016 | Firm News

Sex abuse attorney Adam Horowitz has filed a lawsuit this week in Orlando, Florida on behalf of a client alleging that a former rheumatologist, Dr. Gopal Basisht sexually assaulted a female patient at his medical practice.  In July 2016, the Florida Department of Health issued a Final Order accepting Dr. Basisht permanent relinquishment of his license to practice medicine after the Department accused him of sexually assaulting two adult female patients at his rheumatology practice located at 1300 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, Florida 32804.  Dr. Basisht was recently interviewed on camera by WFTV in Orlando about these incidents.  The latest allegation of sexual misconduct is filed by a woman who was not one of the victims identified in the Department of Health proceeding.  According to public records, there have been over a half dozen sexual assault complaints lodged by patients with law enforcement concerning Dr. Basisht.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Dr. Gopal Basisht and his former medical practice which he operated with his wife, Dr. Saroj Basisht.  According to the latest lawsuit, a thirty-three-year-old female patient went to the offices of Gopal & Saroj Basisht for rheumatologic issues.  Dr. Gopal Basisht saw the patient in an examination room where no medical assistant or nurse was present.  The lawsuit contends that while the patient was on the examination table, Dr. Basisht placed his bare hands inside her pants and massaged her vaginal area. Dr. Basisht then reportedly put his bare hands underneath the top of her shirt and began directly massaging her breasts with his hands.  The touching of the breasts and vagina had no relation to the purpose of her medical visit or the examination according to the lawsuit.

According to the Administrative Complaint filed by the Department of Health, a fifty-five-year-old female patient identified as A.E. presented at Dr. Basisht’s office on June 5, 2012 with a chief complaint of lower back pain.  Dr. Basisht directed A.E. to unbutton her pants while she was on the examination table.  Dr. Basisht put his hand inside of A.E.’s undergarments, and touched the area on and around A.E.’s vagina.  Dr. Basisht then penetrated A.E.’s vagina with his fingers, and put his fingers up to his nose.

The Department of Health also alleges that G.P., a fifty-four year female patient present to Dr. Basisht’s practice with back and hand pain.   While G.P. was on the exam table, Dr. Basisht pressed on G.P.’s back, and “twisted” her legs hard enough to make her yell. G.P. told Dr. Basisht that he was hurting her, and repeatedly demanded that he stop.  Rather than stopping, Dr. Basisht put his hand inside of her undergarments, and put his hand on her vagina.  Dr. Basisht pressed hard on the area around G.P.’s vagina, but did not penetrate her vagina.   G.P. began to yell louder, and continued to demand that he stop.  G.P. again told Dr. Basisht that he was causing her pain. However, Dr. Basisht pressed harder on G.P.’s vaginal area. Throughout the incident, Dr. Basisht repeatedly asked G.P. if he was hurting her, in a tone which made G.P. believe that he was enjoying it. While he was touching G.P.’s vagina, Dr. Basisht breathed heavily, and made comments to G.P. such as “wow”.

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