Sex Battery Charges Filed against Broward County Masseur Employed at Massage LuXe in Coral Springs

| May 8, 2017 | Sex

Broward County massage therapist, Rayniel Lazaro Hernandez Basulto, is facing criminal charges that he sexually assaulted a female client at a Massage LuXe franchise located at 4637 University Drive in Coral Springs, Florida.

According to law enforcement records, the client used a Groupon for the service at Massage LuXe in February 2017 and asked for a female massage therapist.  She told police she felt uncomfortable when a male masseur entered the treatment room, but allowed him to begin performing the service, police said.

During the massage, the alleged victim reported that the massage therapist interested his fingers into her vagina and also masturbated on her.  The woman told police she was so frightened that she froze and could not react during the alleged assault, the police report said. Upon the massage therapist exiting the room, however, the alleged victim promptly reported the incident to Massage LuXe’s manager and requested that her account be deleted so that the masseur could not contact her in the future.  The alleged victim them went to the police department and made a report.  Hernandez Basulto at first denied the client’s accusations and then cried and was remorseful, police said. He eventually told a detective that he did what she had described, police said.

After the arrest was made, an additional victim came forward to Department of Health reporting that Mr. Hernandez Basulto engaged in similar acts with her in January 2017.  According to that victim, she immediately called Massage LuXe and informed the staff of what occurred.

According to the Florida Department of Health, Rayniel Lazaro Hernandez obtained his Massage Therapist license in December 2015.  An Emergency Order restricting his license was entered on February 24, 2017 which prohibits him from practicing massage therapy on any female clients.

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