Flagler County Doctor Florence Fruehan Facing Sexual Misconduct Claims

| Aug 5, 2018 | Firm News

Palm Coast doctor Florence Fruehan is under criminal investigation by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office following multiple claims of sexual misconduct with female clients. Dr. Fruehan had been the subject of similar complaints in the past but managed to avoid criminal punishment or discipline by the Department of Health.  But in a June 29, 2018 Emergency Order, the State Surgeon General ordered the immediate restriction of Dr. Fruehan’s license to practice as a physician in the State of Florida.  He is not permitted to treat or interact with female patients without another licensed healthcare professional present.  Dr. Fruehan is an urgent care doctor on Pine Cone Drive in Palm Coast. The name of his practice is Palm Coast Urgent Care. His Department of Health profile states that he has privileges at Memorial Hospitals in Ormond Beach and Flagler.

The Emergency Order is based on allegations by one of Dr. Fruehan’s patients, a 54-year-old Palm Coast woman identified as “J.M.”  She reports she was seen by Dr. Fruehan and treated for epilepsy for the past two years. During a May 24, 2018 visit, she said Dr. Fruehan led her into an exam room after she told him she was due for a mammogram and groped both of her breasts through her blouse and bra.  Earlier in the visit, Dr. Fruehan had learned that J.M. recently became a widow.

Dr. Florence Fruehan was previously charged with sexual battery in May 2006 after a 26-year-old Palm Coast woman accused him of touching her inappropriately during an exam while her husband was in the room.  Flagler County courthouse records also indicate that  Dr.. Fruehan was the subject of two arrests for misdemeanor battery–on June 23, 1995, and  on Jan. 16, 1996. The charges were dropped.

The Flager County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who was a patient of Dr. Fruehan and feels that they had an inappropriate experience to file a formal complaint by calling (386) 313-4911.  The Sheriff’s Office has not announced whether Dr. Fruehan will be arrested for any sexual misconduct.

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