July 31 is Deadline for Victims to Register Clergy Abuse Claims in Three Pennsylvania Dioceses

| Jul 20, 2019 | Catholic Church




July 31, 2019 is the registration deadline for anyone seeking compensation for a sexual abuse claim against clergy of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Diocese of Pittsburgh, or Diocese of Scranton.

The compensation fund is available to victims seeking compensation for sexual abuse occurring when they were a child.  All survivors of clergy abuse are eligible regardless of how many years ago the abuse occurred.  While the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Diocese of Pittsburgh compensation programs only allow claims against Diocesan priests, the Diocese of Scranton also allows for claims against priests from Religious Orders and lay people such as Catholic school teachers and coaches.  If you have any questions about the Compensation Fund, contact Horowitz Law for more information about these claim funds. Our law firm has assembled on this website the most comprehensive database of perpetrators of sexual abuse in the dioceses of Pennsylvania that is available anywhere.  We have identified more perpetrators than any other source.

In certain cases, the claims process may involve gathering church sacrament records, school records, witness statements, counseling/therapy records, or photographs to support your claim. For that reason, it is critical you do not wait until the deadline to register your claim.  It is also essential that you hire an attorney who has previously handled cases involving the compensation programs in Pennsylvania to protect yourself and your rights under the claims fund.

The claims funds are voluntary and confidential.  After the funds close on July 31, the overwhelming majority of victims of sexual abuse by clergy in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Diocese of Pittsburgh, and Diocese of Scranton will no have no legal recourse against those who hurt them because Pennsylvania law requires most civil claims to be brought before the victims turn 25, or in some cases, 30, years old.  This means that most victims of clergy sexual abuse will have no other options after July 31.

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