Florida Department of Health disciplines Winter Springs massage therapist for sex offense

| Jan 27, 2020 | Massage Therapists, Sex

The Florida Department of Health disciplines Winter Springs massage therapist

On January 16, 2020, the Florida Department of Health accepted the voluntary relinquishment of Mark Raymond Curley’s license to practice massage therapy in the state of Florida. It is accepted as a resolution to a sexual misconduct complaint from 2017. It will be reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank as a disciplinary action. Additionally, Curley agreed to never reapply for a massage therapist license in Florida again. 

Curley was a licensed massage therapist and is the owner at Serenity Center located at 2040 Winter Springs Blvd. in Oviedo, Florida. In January 2017, he was accused of sexual misconduct of a 44-year-old female client. The patient removed her bra for the massage, but kept her underwear on. During the massage, Curley removed the patient’s sheet, exposing the woman’s breasts without her consent. He then proceeded without consent, to inappropriately touch and squeeze her breasts. He applied pressure on her crotch, and put the patient’s nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue. When she objected, he said they had to stay quiet. When the patient left, she called the police. 

The stresses of life can easily overwhelm us. When clients book a massage, it is to decompress and relax. They trust that the massage therapists employed at the spa are carefully vetted and safe. It is unacceptable for any employee to touch a client in a sexual manner.

Horowitz Law has filed numerous sexual misconduct claims against massage therapists on behalf of clients who were inappropriately touched at massage parlors and other spas and resorts. If you have been a victim of sexual assault or sexual battery during a massage, or if you know someone who has, please contact our law firm at 888-283-9922 or send an e-mail to sexual abuse lawyer Adam Horowitz at [email protected] for a free consultation.