It Can Be Overwhelming — The Ever-Shocking Revelations of Horrible Deeds by Church Officials

| Feb 26, 2020 | Catholic Church

It can be overwhelming, the ever-shocking revelations of horrible deeds by church officials. Just this week, here are a few cases we learned about:

–In Florida, a priest who didn’t tell police about “numerous” abuse reports is now in the St. Augustine diocese at Santa Maria Del Mar parish in Flagler Beach.

(He’s Msgr. Michael Servinsky, formerly of the Altoona Diocese in Pennsylvania.)

–In France, the charismatic Catholic founder of a global network of non-profits serving adults with physical and intellectual disabilities “is accused of sexual misconduct with six women who sought spiritual direction from him.” He also reportedly participated “in a shadowy group with ties to a priest accused of sexual and spiritual abuse, lies related to what (he) knew about that priest and allegations from women who say (he) engaged in similar behavior over several decades.

(He’s Jean Vanier, formerly with a group called L’Arche.)

–In Australia, a three-year research project identified 16 child sex abuse networks (NETWORKS, not individuals) that operated for more than six decades. They involved 99 Catholic priests and other clerics.

–That same investigation found that the pedophile rings were “facilitated and reinforced by church hierarchy, including five successive archbishops of Melbourne (including) George Pell (himself appealing against a conviction for child sex abuse).”

And that “clergy pedophile rings shared behavior patterns with criminal gangs, the Mafia, terrorist cells, corrupt police, drug dealers and money launderers.”

–In Italy, Yolanda Martinez’ son had been sexually abused by Fr. Vladimir Resendiz Gutierrez, a Legion of Christ priest. And Cardinal Valasio De Paolis made this incredible offer: her family would receive 15,000 euros from church officials “but in return, her son would have to recant the testimony he gave to Milan prosecutors that the priest had repeatedly assaulted him when he was a 12-years-old. He would have to lie.”

–In New Jersey, Cardinal Joseph Tobin has been told – after five inexcusable years of delay – the verdict of a so-called Vatican ‘trial’ against an accused predator priest, Msgr. George Trabold.

But inexplicably, Tobin refuses to tell anyone what that verdict is.

That’s just a handful of stories, over the last few days, focusing on just one denomination.

There has been, and is, a lot of selfish, reckless, secretive and devastating wrongdoing out there.

Join us in exposing it, preventing it, and bringing comfort to those who suffer because of it.