Report Inappropriate Touch by Massage Therapists to the Department of Health or Other Licensing Agency

| Feb 3, 2020 | Massage Therapists

Had a bad massage experience? Here’s an unusual suggestion.

If you’ve gotten a massage and suffered any inappropriate conduct (uncomfortable touch, suggestive remarks, unusual requests), you’ve likely considered calling the police or a civil attorney.

Good for you. But few ever think about contacting the health department in the state where the therapist is licensed.

Here are four reasons why you should consider this step:

–Sometimes police or prosecutors are overworked and can’t move very quickly to expose a wrongdoer. And until an offender is publicly exposed, he’s still a risk to others. Health departments can sometimes more take action quickly.

–In many states, the Department of Health or Board of Massage Therapy can impose remedies like yanking a therapist’s license, suspending him or her, and issuing a public reprimand.

–Sometimes, these sanctions become a public record and are publicized by news media, thus warning other unsuspecting massage clients.

–Many victims feel better once they’ve taken steps to protect others. (And sometimes, inaction leads to nagging thoughts of “What if he’s still hurting others?)

Finally, if you’ve never had a massage, or a creepy experience during a massage, you may well know others who have. It’s a billion dollar industry and one in four adults have had a massage just within the past year.

So you can help just by asking friends and family “Hey has a massage therapist ever made you feel awkward or uncomfortable?

If the answer is yes, tell them “I believe you and will support you no matter how you choose to handle this.” Listen intently to them. Assure them that however they reacted to the abuse at the time is understandable. Discourage them from ‘kicking themselves’ about not responding in a different way.

And gently urge them to consider reaching out to independent sources of help: therapists, police, prosecutors, health officials and attorneys.

Over the years, Horowitz law has pursued cases like this in many massage chains, including Massage Envy, Hand & Stone, Massage Green, Massage LuXe, Elements Massage, Massage Heights, and many other locations.