Prince Andrew’s Refusal to Even Cooperate in Epstein Investigation Sends Wrong Message

| Mar 10, 2020 | Other Sexual Abuse

Like others accused of sexually assaulting one or more teenagers and young women with Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew professes his innocence.

That’s fine.

Now, however, after stonewalling for months, Andrew is refusing to cooperate in the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein’s network of enablers, say federal prosecutors.

That’s not fine.

Today in New York, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said Prince Andrew has “completely shut the door on voluntary cooperation.”

(In case you’d forgotten: “Epstein, a politically-connected financier, died by suicide last August while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges,” says NBC News reminds us. And the network reports that “Andrew (denies) allegations he had sex with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who says she was trafficked by Epstein when she was 17 and directed to have sexual relations with the prince. Andrews said that he had no recollection of ever meeting her — despite a widely circulated photograph showing otherwise. . . )
Why are we upset by Andrew’s decision?

Because all of us have a civic duty to lend a hand to law enforcement. That’s especially true when there are credible allegations of sexual violence, harassment or abuse involved.  That’s even more true when one enjoys a position of power and prominence and when one has delayed talking with authorities for months, while dozens or hundreds of wounded women wait for justice. Finally, it’s disturbing in light of Andrew’s prior promises of cooperation. (Frankly, his reversal looks pretty awful for him.)

What does it say to other citizens, in the US and the UK, when someone of Prince Andrew’s statute stiff-arms police and prosecutors?   The full, sordid truth about Epstein and his sick pals will likely never surface. But what’s already surfaced paints men like Andrew in a pretty shocking light. His reversal and refusal makes an already awful situation worse.

We at Horowitz Law hope the feds will now double-down on arrogant Andrew. And we hope every single person (even Epstein’s neighbors and former staffers) who saw, suspected or suffered any wrongdoing by Epstein or his enablers and buddies will call law enforcement immediately.