Palm Beach Behavioral Health Tech Arrested For Sexual Misconduct with Patient

| Feb 17, 2022 | Doctors/Healthcare Providers

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On January 3, 2022, Edy Velasquez was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct.  The arrest stems from a complaint by a former patient that Velasquez sexually assaulted her on January 29, 2021. Edy Velasquez, age 53, was a behavioral health technician at a substance abuse and mental health facility in Lantana, Florida, when the alleged sexual misconduct occurred. Velasquez is not licensed by the Department of Health.  He previously worked at Desert Rose Recovery Center in Palm Beach Gardens.

According to the probable cause arrest affidavit and media reports, the female patient contacted the Lantana Police Department on March 24, 2021, after discovering the facility never reported her assault. She told law enforcement that while she was a patient at the now-closed recovery center in Lantana from January 3 2021-February 3, 2021, she was sexually assaulted by a male behavioral health technician, Edy Velasquez, on January 29, 2021. In a detailed sworn statement, the alleged victim stated that Velasquez entered her living quarters uninvited while her roommate was out. In the first incident, he forcibly kissed her.  He later returned at approximately 11:30 p.m., threw her on the bed, moved her underwear to the side, and digitally penetrated her vagina while making threats of harm. She also said he tasted his fingers and commented, “Man, you taste good.” She also said that Velasquez told her not to tell anyone.

The alleged victim said she told her roommate and a staff member of the recovery center the following day but did not want to press charges at that time as she was afraid of the alleged perpetrator. During the investigation, the facility’s employees were uncooperative with law enforcement, according to the arrest affidavit.  Investigators subpoenaed records and noted that the recovery center did not follow protocol in documenting and reporting the incident correctly, according to Florida Statutes. Notably, treatment records for the victim from the facility were found for every day except January 29, the day of the alleged incident.

In May 2021, the victim wanted to press charges against Edy Velasquez, stating she had been mentally distraught by the abuse. The victim turned in to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Lab the underwear she had on when Velasquez touched her that was sealed in a plastic bag along with a chain of custody form stating anyone that came in contact with the underwear since the abuse. During the investigation, Velasquez was ordered to provide a DNA sample. Investigators concluded that Velasquez and the alleged victim’s DNA was detected on the outside and inside the crotch of the underwear. This was enough evidence to arrest Velasquez.

Before Velasquez obtained employment in mental health facilities, he was employed as a sergeant with the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.  In 2008, Palm Beach County Former Sergeant Edy Velasquez was placed on administrative as he was one of six corrections deputies arrested in connection with an overtime fraud scheme that cost Palm Beach County over $350,000.  Velasquez faced 2nd and 3rd-degree felony charges in the case but pleaded guilty to lesser charges and agreed to resign from the Sheriff’s Office.

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