Putting an end to the sexual abuse of patients in the United States

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Doctors/Healthcare Providers

Florida residents expect to be treated with care when they visit a medical professional. Unfortunately, some people who seek medical attention become sexual abuse survivors. Now, people throughout the country are purposing ways to end sexual crimes in the healthcare field.

Why sexual abuse continues to happen in medical settings

Sexual misconduct by doctors or other medical staff/healthcare providers persists for several reasons. One understandable reason that these incidents go unreported involves confused or scared patients. Many survivors either fear retaliation or can’t process whether a sexual assault occurred.

In other situations, hospitals and other types of medical facilities don’t report patient sexual abuse. Staff members may fear retaliation from a doctor or other medical specialist. A staff member might not report a doctor because they are scared of losing their job.

Potential ways to stop sexual misconduct

Fortunately, there’s a growing movement to end the sexual abuse of patients in the United States. One way to stop these crimes is to take a firm zero-tolerance policy against any sexual-related misconduct in a healthcare setting.

Experts also recommend better educating the public about this problem. Better educating civilians about recognizing and reporting sexual misconduct could help lower or stop patient abuse.

Another way to prevent sexual misconduct by medical professionals is to have them attend regular training. This training can cover how to prevent sexual abuse in any setting. It’s also important for medical professionals to have outlets such as counseling to help them when they struggle to set and maintain personal boundaries.

No patient should ever be the target of sexual abuse. Even if you think sexual abuse happened in a healthcare setting, strongly consider reporting this incident to the authorities.