Signs your child may have suffered sexual abuse at day care

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2023 | Day Cares, Preschools & Child Care

One of the biggest nightmares for Florida parents is their children being abused. Sexual abuse is particularly heinous, but it’s sadly more common than you might think. These are some signs that this form of abuse has affected your child at their daycare.

Unexplained injuries

All children experience accidents at daycare, but if they have some that are unexplained, you should be concerned. Repeated odd-looking marks and bruising should raise red flags. This is especially the case if the bruising is in unusual places like around your child’s genital or anal areas. The presence of blood in those places signifies there may be sexual abuse taking place.

Sudden fear

Most kids look forward to going to daycare, but sudden fear should alert you. If your child exhibits sudden fear of going or of being around a particular employee, there might be a serious reason for it. It’s possible that the person might be abusing them.

Different bathroom habits

Small children being sexually abused often have changes in their bathroom behavior. If your child has already been potty trained but starts wetting their bed or having uncharacteristic accidents in their clothing, you should be concerned. This might be more than just an accident.

Behavioral changes

Sexual abuse often causes children to behave differently. They might act out in inappropriately sexual ways or exhibit curiosity about sexual matters. For example, noticing them playing with dolls or stuffed animals in a sexual manner is a glaring sign that something is wrong.

Telling you what happened

Some children will tell a parent straight out what happened. However, being daycare-aged, they often use baby language to describe body parts and explain actions. Be aware if your child does this and recognize that they might be suffering sexual abuse.

Signs of daycare sexual abuse aren’t always easy to spot. Paying close attention to your child is the first step toward getting help.