How do you report a doctor for sexual abuse?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Doctors/Healthcare Providers

No Florida patient expects to experience anything but respect and professionalism from their doctors. Sadly, some fall victim to sexual abuse by the same professionals they expect to help them. If you have experienced this situation, you can take charge and report the abuse.

Signs of sexual abuse by doctors

Shock and disbelief are normal reactions when doctors behave inappropriately. A person might even question whether what their doctor did could be considered sexual abuse. However, there are signs that indicate whether the treatment is considered inappropriate. The doctor must explain beforehand what they are going to do while examining you. If they fail to do that and begin touching you, it could be sexual abuse.

While it’s normal for some doctors such as gynecologists to ask questions about your sexual health, asking about your sexual history may be inappropriate. Other red flags are when doctors don’t explain procedures or answer your questions about them, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and violated. Often, sexual abuse occurs when the doctor doesn’t allow someone else in the room.

How to report the doctor

Experiencing sexual abuse by medical professionals can shake you to your very core, but you have the right to report the doctor. If you believe you experienced such abuse, the first thing to do is contact the police so that a report can be made. You may be directed to go to a hospital to have a rape kit taken as evidence if you choose to press charges against the doctor.

Another option is to report the doctor to the medical facility directly. The facility may have its own procedure for investigating reports of sexual abuse and dealing with the doctor. You can also report them to your state’s medical board.