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At Horowitz Law, we believe in survivors, and we are committed to justice and accountability. No battle is too big. Our attorneys have decades of experience holding wrongdoers accountable in court. Free confidential consultation – and there is never a fee unless we win.
Attorney Adam D. Horowitz

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Who We Sue

The Catholic Church & Other Religious Organizations
Doctors & Healthcare Establishments
Massage Therapists, Spas & Massage Establishments
Day Cares, Preschools & Child Care
Schools & Universities
Boy Scouts of America
Ride-Sharing Services

Skilled Advocacy
The Tools And Resources You Deserve

Skilled Advocacy
The Tools And Resources You Deserve

Horowitz Law is a leading law firm representing survivors of sexual abuse and molestation because we fully dedicate ourselves to your pursuit of justice. Over the past two decades, our firm has developed resources and skills that are vital to cases like yours, such as:
  • In-depth knowledge built from a history of winning nuanced legal arguments
  • Resources to connect you with other survivors to grow your support system
  • Access to counseling services and other mental health resources
  • Database of forensic experts and others who can help support your case
  • Regular communication from and access to the legal professionals working on your case

We understand that coming to us takes a great deal of strength, and we have utmost respect for your experiences. You may be afraid and unsure who to trust. Our law firm is ready to help you through the legal process on your terms, and your health and well-being are always our priorities.

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