Aggressive Advocates For Sexual Abuse Victims’ Rights

Horowitz Law handles only sexual abuse cases. Our team dedicates themselves to advocating for sexual abuse victims across the country and we have a well-earned reputation for being among the best in the country at it. As a result, we have a very thorough and unique understanding of the dynamics of representing sexual abuse survivors in civil sexual abuse claims.

With decades of experience, our team has earned a reputation for our integrity and dedication when handling these complex and sensitive cases. We have recovered some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the United States.

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You might feel alone with the secret of your abuse. You might be afraid and unsure how to talk about it with others. When you have Horowitz Law on your side, you are never alone in your fight for justice. We understand that the egregious violation of trust that you suffered makes it hard to trust anyone, and we will work tirelessly to earn it. Our experienced professionals will treat you with the dignity, patience, and understanding that you deserve. We want you to be totally comfortable with your decision to proceed with representation and encourage you to ask any questions you may have every step of the way.

Taking On Powerful Institutions That Enable Abuse And Put Kids At Risk

More than anything else, we strive to help survivors hold those responsible for their abuse accountable so that you get the justice you deserve and so kids can be protected in the future. We have a national reputation for taking on some of the most powerful entities and individuals in Florida and across the United States:

Our sexual abuse and assault lawyers help survivors take their power back from those people and entities responsible. The closure, peace of mind and sense of justice that we help our clients achieve are worth more to us than any settlement or verdict.

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Your abuse did not take your voice. We are ready to work with you to tell your story. Call us at 954-641-2100 or send us an email to set up a completely free, confidential initial consultation with one of our dedicated attorneys.