Department of Health: Emergency Order Restricts Frederick Dost From Massaging Female Clients

| May 20, 2016 | Massage Therapists

The Florida Department of Health (DOH)  issued an Emergency Order on May 19, 2016 restricting Frederick Dost from practicing as as a massage therapist in the  State of Florida.  The Order found that Frederick Dost “constitutes an immediate, serious danger to the health, safety, or welfare of the public.”  The DOH found that Dost violated Florida law by committing sexual misconduct with two female clients — including touching a patient’s breast and nipples without consent and touching a patient’s head, neck, shoulder and cheek with his genitals.  As a result of the Order, Dost is not permitted to provide any massage services to female clients.

This Emergency Order was entered in response to claims by two women who filed complaints with the DOH alleging that Mr. Dost sexually assaulted them while they were a massage therapy appointment.   Frederick Dost had previously worked as a massage therapist in Florida at Massage Envy franchises in Orlando and Altamonte Springs as well as Massage Experience in Siesta Key.  According to Mr. Dost’s website, he has practiced massage therapy for over thirty years.

In its Emergency Order, the DOH sets out the following facts as to the first alleged victim:

  • On or about August 18, 2014, Patient M.D., a 32-year-old female, presented to Massage Envy for a two-hour full body massage with Mr. Dost.
  • During the massage, while standing by Patient M.D.’s side, Mr. Dost slid his hand underneath the draping covering Patient M.D. and moved his hand so that he touched her legs, stomach, and then breasts.  M.D. did not request, or consent to, Mr. Dost touching her breasts.
  • Later in the massage, M.D. felt Mr. Dost push his genitals against the top of her head while he massaged her shoulders.  Mr. Dost then slid his hands underneath the draping covering M.D.’s breasts and cupped his hands around her breasts. Mr. Dost moved his hands in a circular motion around Patient M.D.’s breasts and nipples for approximately one minute.
  • M.D. did not request, or consent to, Mr. Dost touching her breasts.  M.D. informed Massage Envy management about Mr. Dost’s inappropriate conduct. Massage Envy terminated Mr. Dost’s employment.

As to the second alleged victim, the DOH stated the following:

  • On or about January 31, 2016, Patient W.H. presented to The Massage Experience for her scheduled massage therapy appointment with Mr. Dost.
  • Before the massage began, W.H. disrobed and lay face down on the massage table. Mr. Dost began by massaging W.H.’s lower back and legs. Mr. Dost then re-positioned himself and stood at the head of the massage table, where he massaged W.H.’s shoulders and arm.
  • While massaging Patient W.H.’s shoulders, Mr. Dost removed his genitals from his pants and rubbed his bare genitals on Patient W.H.’s shoulder, neck, and cheek.

Attorney Adam Horowitz has filed separate civil lawsuit on behalf of M.D. and W.H. against the Massage Envy franchise in Orlando and The Massage Experience arising from the alleged sexual misconduct of Frederick Dost described in the DOH’s Emergency Order.  These lawsuits are just the latest in a long line of lawsuits filed by sexual abuse attorney Adam Horowitz alleging similar sexual misconduct by male massage therapists on female clients.  This first case was filed January 27, 2016 in Orlando, Florida against Copper Carma, Inc. d/b/a Massage Envy, a franchise located at 8081 Turkey Lake Road, Suite 100, Orlando, Florida.  The second case was filed June 2, 2016 in Sarasota County against Massage Experience, Siesta Key, Inc., 5138 Ocean Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34242.

Adam Horowitz, the attorney for two of Frederick Dost’s alleged victims, has represented numerous women sexually assaulted by massage therapists.  He stated: “Women who receive massages place great trust in their therapists. There are not many other situations in which a person would be undressed in a prone position in a dimly-lit room with a complete stranger. It is a horrific betrayal when someone goes to a massage for relaxation but gets exploitation. Unfortunately, the massage industry appears to attract an extraordinary number of predators.”

Attorney Adam Horowitz is experienced in filing lawsuits on behalf of victims of sex assault by massage therapists. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a sexual battery at Massage Envy or any other locations, please email attorney Adam Horowitz at [email protected] or call our law firm at (954) 641-2100.