Orlando Youth Pastor Arrested on Rape Charge Had Prior Abuse Claim

| Nov 14, 2016 | Firm News

A youth pastor from central Florida with a prior alleged history of sexually inappropriate conduct has been arrested after Orange County Sheriff’s investigators say he raped and kidnapped a young girl.  Thirty-five year old Samuel Pierre worked at Tabernacle of Prayer and Miracles International Church on South Rio Grande Avenue in Orlando.  Pierre faced similar charges in 2009 when another girl he knew from church accused him of sexual misconduct.   In both cases, the pre-teen girls though that Pierre was taking them to meet other friends but ended up alone with him, according to law enforcement records.  The 2009 case was dropped by prosecutors.

The girl’s mother told police that Samuel Pierre picked up her daughter to take her to a church youth group event in August 2016.  He was also supposed to pick up several other kids, according to law enforcement records.   The girl told her mother than Samuel never picked up the other kids and instead took her to a home where Samuel lived.  The girl fell asleep on a couch and when she woke up she asked for a cup of water.  After she drank it, she passed out and did not remember much of what happened, according to the arrest report.  She alleges she might have been drugged.  She did, however, remember Samuel taking her to a back bedroom and placing her on a bed where he raped her.  According to the report, Samuel threatened the girl not to tell anyone.

Cases like this involve the horrific betrayal of trust.  Children should be safe from harm while involved in youth activities at churches, such as Tabernacle of Prayer and Miracles International Church.  Instead, according to law enforcement records, Samuel Pierre was given the opportunity to and access to young girls despite his history.  These children should be commended for report the abuse to their family and law enforcement.

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