Dr. Joey Kenney Facing Multiple Sexual Misconduct Allegations

| May 11, 2018 | Doctors/Healthcare Providers

Dr. Joey Kenney, a physician licensed in Florida and California, has faced multiple allegations of sexual misconduct from male patients.  In February 2018, the Florida Department of Health filed an Adminstrative Complaint against Dr. Kenney for sexual misconduct.  That Complaint mirrors a civil lawsuit previously filed and still pending against the doctor in Suwanee County, Florida.  In the Department of Health action, Dr. Kenney is accused of fondling the genitals of a 37-year patient in the Emergency Room of Shands Live Oak Regional Medical Center in Live Oak, Florida.  The patient was in the emergency room on account of pain in his right foot and ankle.  According to the Department of Health, Dr. Kenney used his status as a medical doctor to engage or attempt to engage his patient in sexual activity outside the scope of the health care profession by making contact with his patient’s penis.

In addition to the alleged incident at Shands Live Oak Regional Medical Center, Dr. Kenney was previously accused in a separate lawsuit of molesting another male patient at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center in Manatee County, Florida.  In that lawsuit, the doctor was accused of repeatedly examining and stroking his patient’s genitals for prolonged periods of time.  According to that lawsuit, the patient was to be seen for asthma and there was no legitimate medical reason for his penis to be touched by the doctor.

In addition to these two claims, it was also disclosed in discovery in the civil lawsuit in Suwanee County that Dr. Kenney has been accused of sexual misconduct on two additional occasions by male patients.  In all, at least four former patients of Dr. Kenney have now accused him of sexual misconduct. Horowitz Law encourages anyone who has had a similar experience with Dr. Kenney to report the claim to the local law enforcement agency for investigation.  In 2017, Dr. Kenney stopped practicing in Florida and has begun practicing medicine in California.

Many people incorrectly believe that a physician or healthcare provider would never commit sexual assault because a person in a position of trust with substantial education and elevated status would never commit such a heinous act. This is completely inaccurate.  Sexual assaults by doctors on patients can and do occur on patients of all ages.  An investigative report by the Atlanta Journal Constitution revealed countless incidents of rape by OB/GYNs, seduction by psychiatrists, fondling by anesthesiologists and ophthalmologists, and molestation by pediatricians and radiologists. Moreover, the reporter discovered a broken system whereby doctors are not properly investigated or sanctioned by their state investigative boards.  Further, there are absolutely no studies revealing a connection whatsoever between one’s education level and the likelihood of committing sexual assault. Sadly, perpetrators come in all shapes and sizes. Sexual assault by doctors is woefully under-reported because patients feel uncomfortable and embarrassed coming forward. Alternatively, they feel they will not be believed.