Experienced Lawyers For Massage Envy Sexual Assault Claims

| May 14, 2018 | Massage Therapists

Adam Horowitz is a lawyer representing numerous women in Massage Envy sexual abuse claims across the country.  As an attorney, he receives excellent reviews from clients and pursues these cases aggressively with an eye toward obtaining justice, exposing the truth, getting corporate reforms, and holding all wrongdoers accountability.  Horowitz Law handles sexual misconduct cases against Massage Envy throughout the country.  Call our office at 954-961-2100 for more information or e-mail attorney Adam Horowitz at [email protected]

Massage Envy is the largest national chain of spas offering massage therapy services.  Massage Envy franchises have been besieged by lawsuits in which their massage therapists have been accused of sexual misconduct by female clients.  In these cases, franchises owners are often accused of negligence in which the claims is made that Massage Envy has inadequate policies and procedures to deter or prevent sexual misconduct.  In other cases, Massage Envy has failed to follow its zero tolerance policy on sexual misconduct or Massage Envy hired and retained massage therapists with a history of prior misconduct or other criminal behavior.  Horowitz Law has represented dozens of Massage Envy clients in cases in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and beyond.  We have the resources to evaluate and handle these cases anywhere in the country.

While massage may be therapeutic and relaxing for some, it is also a situation in which clients are  placed in as vulnerable a position as one can imagine.  Massage clients are often fully or partially undressed in a darkened room trying to relax while laying in a vulnerable position with a person whom they must trust to get the potential benefits of massage.  It is a situation in which the last thing on one’s mind should be the risk of sexual assault.  Yet, it is precisely in that situation in which sexual misconduct appears to be so rampant.  There is no textbook for how to respond such a frightening situations.  Many women will experience a freeze response in which they feel paralyzed while it is occurring.  At Horowitz Law, we are here for exactly such a situation and can guide you in the process of obtaining justice against all responsible parties.

A recent investigative report by Buzzfeed uncovered more than 180 incidents in which Massage Envy clients reported being sexually assaulted by massage therapists.  Attorney Adam Horowitz was quoted extensively in that article commenting on how the massage therapy setting creates a ‘perfect storm’ for incidents of sexual misconduct.  Massage therapists are tasked with touching nearly naked clients who often have their eyes closed in a darkened room while trying to relax.  “An inordinate amount of people are attracted to massage therapy because of sexual interest,” said Adam Horowitz, an attorney who has represented multiple clients suing day spas. “Just like there was opportunity in the priesthood, there’s opportunity in the massage room. When you get a massage, your guard is down completely. You’re not expecting to be violated.”  Attorney Adam Horowitz is often cited and consulted as an expert advocate for victims of sexual assault at spas such as Massage Envy based on his years of experience handling such cases.


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At Horowitz Law, we not only handle your civil lawsuit, but we are there for our clients at each step of any criminal or administrative proceedings.  Our investigators and staff are devoted to gathering evidence to build your case and obtaining the measure of justice you deserve.