Hundreds of Sexual Abuse Claims Against USC’s Campus Gynecologist

| Jun 25, 2018 | Sex

Over 200 hundred former students of the University of Southern California are alleging that they were sexually abused by Dr. George Tyndall, the campus gynecologist. According to published reports, the earliest claims date back to 1989 and continued until 2016 when a nurse reported him to the campus rape crisis center.  USC’s internal investigation revealed that Dr. Tyndall’s “pelvic exams” were outside the scope of current medical practice and constituted sexual misconduct.  Dr. Tyndall was permitted to resign.

USC has blamed the former executive director of the student health clinic, who died in 2015, for “independently” handling complaints about Tyndall.  In 2013, the executive director referred some complaints to another department to be investigated. The review concluded no action was needed.  The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating a criminal case.  USC is a private university and could face massive exposure from liability from civil lawsuit in these cases.

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