Katz Jewish Community Center Counselor in New Jersey Investigated for Sex Abuse of Minors

| Aug 15, 2018 | Firm News

An assistant counselor at the Katz Jewish Community Center in Cherry Hill is accused of sexual abuse of young campers at the early childhood camp. The identity of the male counselor is not being publicly disclosed because he is under age eighteen.  Katz JCC is located at 1301 Springdale Road in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Cases involving the abuse of young children is particularly heart-wrenching as they are the most vulnerable members of our society.  Sexual abuse can be a confusing experience for young children — especially when it is committed by someone they like or view to be in a position of trust.  The alleged victims who reported this incident and gave statements to law enforcement are courageous.

This alleged incidents are a reminder that  no matter how picturesque a camp looks in its brochures, the risk of childhood sexual abuse in summer camp exists and it occurs more often than most people realize.  Just yesterday, the associate director of Camp Live Oak in Florida was arrested on charges that he molested a 10-year old girl who attended the camp where he worked.  No matter what we do to protect our children, there is always a risk that they may be harmed when they are away from us. In most states, there are laws in place to keep sexual predators out of daycare centers and schools. Rarely do the same prohibitions apply in the summer camp setting.

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