Three Women Report Sexual Assault by Cape Coral Hospital Nurse

| Aug 22, 2018 | Firm News

A third victim claims former Cape Coral registered nurse Jeovanni Hechavarria, 36, of Port Charlotte attacked her while she was a patient at Cape Coral Hospital.  Two other victims previously came forward.  One says Hechavarria raped her while she was on a sedative in 2016 and threatened to continue if she reported him.

Hechavarria was fired on July 16, 2016, one day after the rape is alleged to have taken place.  The Florida Department of Health has barred him from working with female patients at any hospital unless a supervisor is present.  Hechavarria is also accused of threatening the victim that he would rape her again and warning her not to tell anyone what happened, according to Health Department documents.

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