Fr. John Pascal Sabas – Diocese of Allentown

| Oct 22, 2018 | Abuser Profiles, Catholic Church

Father John Pascal Sabas

Diocese of Allentown

Ordained: 1954

Died: 1996

Assigned as follows:

  • 1955-1957: Vocations Director (New York)
  • 1957-1958: House DIscretus and Purser (New York)
  • 1958-1960: St. Vincent de Paul (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • 1960-1962: Sacred Heart (Yarmouth, ME)
  • 1962-1963: St. Joseph (Portland, ME)
  • 1963-1964: St. Francis of Assisi (Minersville, PA)
  • 1964-1965: St. Francis of Assisi (Allentown, PA)
  • 1965-1966: St. Patrick (Pottsville, PA)
  • 1966-1967: BIshop’s Relief Agency (West Schuylkill, PA)
  • 1967-1977: St. Vincent de Paul (Girardville, PA)
  • 1977-1980: St. Ignatius Loyola (Sinking Spring, PA)
  • 1980-1983: Diocesan chancery assignments
  • 1983-1985: St. George (Shenandoah, PA)
  • 1985: Return to religious life
  • 1986: St. Anthony (Easton, PA)
  • 1987-1989: St. John the Baptist (Shillington, PA)
  • 1989-1991: Absent on Sick Leave
  • 1991: Retired

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Fr. John Sabas:

Fr. John Sabas was originally ordained a priest of a religious order in 1954, who served in multiple parishes in the Diocese of Allentown. At some point, he likely became incardinated into the Diocese, though it appears he unsuccessfully tried to return to the Order in 1985. The name of the Order is not disclosed in the 2018 PA Grand Jury report. There are numerous red flags in his assignment history that would merit additional investigation in the event a lawsuit were filed against the Diocese of Allentown as they may suggest a history of abuse allegations.

According to media reports, in 1974, a young man approached the Diocese of Allentown and reported that he was sexually abused by Sabas at the age of 14, in 1964.  He recalls that Sabas abused him in the basement of the boy’s family home, at school, and in the church after mass. The abuse ended when Sabas was transferred to a new parish.

In 1989, the man sued the Diocese of Allentown and obtained a monetary settlement. John Pascal Sabas was not removed from ministry until after the lawsuit was filed, which was more than 15 years after the Diocese of Allentown first became aware of the allegations.

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