Fr. Guy Marsico – Diocese of Harrisburg

| Nov 14, 2018 | Abuser Profiles, Catholic Church

Fr. Guy Marsico – Diocese of Harrisburg

Ordained:    1973

Leave of Absence: 1994

Laicization:    2010

Assigned as follows:
  • 1973-1977        Assumption BVM (Lebanon, PA)
  • 1977-1982        St. Leo the Great (Rohrerstown, PA)
  • 1982-1985        St. Rose of Lima (York, PA)
  • 1985-1994        St. Gregory the Great (Lebanon, PA)
  • 1994            Leave of Absence
Summary of Allegations against Fr. Guy Marsico:

According to the 2018 grand jury report, in 1994 a man came to the Diocese of Harrisburg to report that he was molested as a child by Fr. Guy Marsico while Marsico worked at St. Leo the Great.  The boy was invited spend the night at the rectory since he had expressed interest in the priesthood. When the 13 year old child arrived, the rectory’s spare bed was covered in boxes that Marsico said could not be moved.  The child would have to share a bed with Marsico. When it came time for bed, Marsico made the child undress and, under the guise of giving him a massage, touched the boy’s penis and performed oral sex on him. When confronted with the allegation, Marsico admitted to sharing a bed with the boy, naked, but denied doing anything more than “brushing the boy’s penis aside” during a massage.

Marsico also admitted to sexually abusing three other boys during his assignments at Assumption BVM and St. Leo the Great. The Diocese of Harrisburg sent to Anodos Center for a psych evaluation and placed on a leave of absence.  After Marsico again admitted to abusing boy during the course of his evaluation, the Diocese of Harrisburg suspended his faculties.

In 1996, a second man came forward to report his abuse by Marsico.  He was one of the boys named by Masico during the course of the Anodos evaluation. He indicated he was in 5th or 6th grade when Masico made him share a bed, naked.  The priest fondled and performed oral sex on him.

For reasons that are not clear from the grand jury report, in 2010 Marsico asked the Vatican to laicize him (remove him from the priesthood).  More than 15 years had passed since the first allegation was made, and there is no indication why he suddenly decided to ask for laicization.

Notably, Marsico actually testified to the grand jury in 2016.  During his testimony, he confirmed that he was telling his confessor, Fr. Michael Homola, every time he molested a child.  Homola excused the behavior by telling Marsico to pray about it and “try to get away from it.” The advice never changed no matter how many times Marsico confessed to molesting boys.  There is no indication Homola asked him for permission to break the seal of the confessional or otherwise handle the matter in a way that could be reported to Marsico’s superiors or law enforcement.

Marsico is alive and believed to be living in the York, Pennsylvania, area.  He is 71 years old.

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