Fr. Raymond T. Schultz – Diocese of Pittsburgh

| Dec 17, 2018 | Abuser Profiles, Catholic Church

Monsignor Raymond Schultz

Diocese of Pittsburgh

Ordained: 1947

Died: 1999

Assigned as follows:

  • 7/17/1947-1/19/1949: St. Mary (Kittanning, PA)
  • 1/20/1949-6/28/1950: St. Leonard (Monessen, PA)
  • 6/29/1950-6/15/1955: Holy Rosary (Homewood, PA)
  • 6/16/1955-6/12/1957: St. Margaret (Greentree, PA)
  • 6/13/1957-4/20/1966: Catholic Information Center, Diocese
  • 12/29/1964-4/20/1966: St. Richard (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • 4/21/1966-10/15/1999: SS Peter & Paul (Beaver, PA

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Monsignor Raymond Schultz:

Monsignor Raymond Schultz was ordained a priest in 1947, who served in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. According to media reports, in 2009, an adult male reported to the Diocese that he was sexually abused by Monsignor Schultz around the year 1978, when he attended SS Peter and Paul Catholic School in Beaver.

In 2010, a psychologist reported that she had been seeing the victim since 2007. He was being treated for symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and panic relative to reported sexual molestation by a priest during his elementary school years. The victim reported he had nocturnal memories of the sensation of breath on the back of his neck from when Schultz was sexually assaulting him. He also recalled a particularly distressing incident of anal penetration by Schultz that occurred on a rainy day when his clothes were wet.

A report of the allegation of sexual abuse by Schultz was reported to the Beaver County District Attorney’s Office by the Diocese in 2010. In April 2017, the victim testified before the Grand Jury. He explained that he made a complaint to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General on September 22, 2016, through the child sexual abuse hotline that was opened after the investigation into the Diocese of Altoona – Johnstown.

The abuse from Monsignor Schultz occurred when the victim first started to serve the early mass. At first, he would tell the victim to turn around and not move. Schultz would stand behind him and rub his private area on his behind as he made some noises. The victim then noticed something on the floor, which he would later realize was Schultz’s semen and that he had had an orgasm.

After a few times of doing this, Schultz had the victim take down his pants and stood behind him. Then Schultz rubbed his penis on the victim’s behind and the Monsignor put his penis into the victim’s rectum as he screamed loudly in pain. After that, Schultz covered the victim’s mouth and told him that no one would ever hear me scream again.

No one could hear the victim because he served the early masses alone. Usually, the masses were served by two altar boys. As a child, the victim didn’t realize that he was the only one serving alone. This began at the end of his seventh-grade year.

The victim stated that when he looks back now, it was made very clear to him that he was a “bad boy” and would be punished more if he ever told anyone what was happening. Most of these abuses happened after his dad dropped me off for early morning masses. The victim alleges that Monsignor Schultz touched or raped him about 10 to 15 times.

According to the victim, Bishop Zubik offered college tuition for my children, a little bit of money, and to pay for counseling. The victim stated that he ultimately refused Zubik’s offer because by taking the offer, he would not be allowed to talk about the abuse and what he endured.

The victim concluded his testimony by stating that this abuse has had a destructive impact on his life “that consumes you.” When asked how important it was for him to be able to come into a grand jury after all of these years of wanting transparency, he responded, “This is the most important thing besides my wife and children on this planet in this world. This is a sign for hope.”

Monsignor Schultz died in 1999, 10 years before the victim came forward with allegations. He is buried in Resurrection Cemetery in Coraopolis, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

He was first named publicly as accused in a priest profile in the 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report.

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