Fr. H. Brendan Williams – Diocese of Trenton

| Apr 10, 2019 | Abuser Profiles, Catholic Church

Father H. Brendan Williams

Diocese of Trenton

Ordained: 1965

Named in a civil lawsuit: 2009

Retired (voluntarily): 2012

Assigned as follows:

  • St. Joan of Arc (Marlton, NJ)
  • Holy Angels (Hamilton, NJ)
  • St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Chaplain (Edison, NJ)
  • St. Veronica, Pastor (Howell, NJ)
  • Retirement, Villa Vianney (Lawrenceville, NJ)

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Father H Brendan Williams:

In February 2019, the Diocese of Trenton published a list of priests who were the subject of credible allegations of child sexual abuse. The list included Fr. H Brendan Williams. Other than stating he was the subject of multiple credible allegations, the Diocese of Trenton did not provide any details about the allegations, such as the age/gender of his victims, or Williams’ assignments at the time of the abuse.

In 2009, the Diocese of Trenton removed Williams from ministry due to negligence while head pastor at St. Veronica’s church. Williams was Fr. Milewski’s supervisor while at St. Veronica’s and it was during this period that Milewski sexually abused multiple young boys. Milewski’s victim listed Williams in a subsequent lawsuit filed by the families of several victims. That lawsuit did not accuse Williams of committing sexual abuse himself.

In September 2019, Williams was arrested for sexually abusing a girl under the age of 13 during his assignment at St. Veronica in Howell, New Jersey. According to media reports, alleged criminal acts occurred between 1997 and 1999. Williams is alleged to have touched the victim’s intimate parts with his hands on at least three occasions during that time period – twice in Colts Neck and once at a location in Ocean County.

At the time of his arrest, Williams was living in Villa Vianney, a facility for retired priests, in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

In July 2021, Williams was acquitted in a bench trial, rather than a jury trial.  When issuing her finding of not guilty, the judge noted that the charges against Williams required the State to prove that she was under the age of 13 during the incidents beyond a reasonable doubt.  The judge cited prior statements made by the alleged victim during the police investigation that she was 14 when the incidents occurred, which raised enough doubt in the judge’s mind to enter a not guilty verdict on that technical point.  She also cited testimony by the alleged victim that she was molested by Williams in a restaurant, where Williams hid his actions under a tablecloth; defense witnesses testified that the restaurant did not have tablecloths.

According to media reports, Judge Ellen Torregrossa-O’Connor stated: “Is it possible [the restaurant incident occurred]? Of course. Has the state proven that happened beyond a reasonable doubt? No, I cannot say that. The inconsistencies in testimony just further undermine that confidence.”

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