Fr. David N. Gramkee – Diocese of Rochester

| Jun 23, 2019 | Abuser Profiles, Catholic Church

Father David N. Gramkee
Diocese of Rochester

Ordained: 1966
Suspended: 2002
Death: 2002

Assigned as follows:

  • St. Louis Church, Pittsford, NY
  • Elmira Correctional Facility, Elmira, NY
  • St. John the Baptist, Elmira, NY
  • St. Cecilia, Elmira, NY

Summary of Sexual Abuse Allegations against Father David N. Gramkee:

In 2002, allegations against Father David N. Gramkee came back to haunt the priest and the Diocese of Rochester. Gramkee was accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl in the 1970s. The priest, in a statement to parishioners, disputed the timeframe and the nature of the misconduct, describing the situation as “an allegation of clerical misconduct in 1980 with a young woman.”

The abuse was first reported to the Diocese of Rochester in 1993. At that time, a panel of lay professionals at that time recommended that Gramkee seek counseling but be allowed to continue in ministry because there were no other allegations of abuse.

However, in 2002, the victim contacted the Diocese of Rochester once again and provided new information regarding the time of the alleged abuse and her age at the time. The Diocese previously believed that she was an adult at the time of the misconduct and responded as such.  Given that she was insisting she was a minor, the Diocese of Rochester suspended Gramkee pending further investigation, in accordance with the newly-adopted Dallas Charter.

Gramkee had a stroke during the time he was suspended and died in 2002.

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