Does the Boys & Girls Club Have a Sexual Abuse Problem?

| Aug 16, 2019 | Firm News

Investigative journalists have uncovered more than 250 child sexual abuse cases lodged against the Boys & Girls Club of America.  These acts are alleged to have been committed by employees, volunteers and others at Boys and Girls Clubs of America affiliates nationwide.  The date was complied from reviewing criminal convictions, civil lawsuits and other public records dating back to the 1970’s.  Some of the cases involve multiple victims of the same alleged perpetrator.

In many instances, it is reported that Boys & Girls club leadership knew about abuse and did not report it to law enforcement, despite national protocols and legal requirements.  In some cases, adults were working with children despite a history of criminal convictions.  In other cases, teenager perpetrators were allowed to return to the clubs after allegations of sexual abuse were lodged against them.

According to the Boys & Girls Club’s  mission statement, “ensuring the safety of youth is fundamental to the mission of Boys & Girls Clubs.”  The Boys & Girls Club of America specifically serves at-risk children.  By definition, these children are already vulnerable.  Children involved in program at Boys & Girls Club should be supervised and no person who poses a threat sexual abuse or physical violence should be on the premises or in the vicinity of children at a Boys & Girls Club.  When sexual abuse occurs at the Boys & Girls Club and is undetected by the adult leaders, it demonstrates that children were not being watched as closely as necessary.

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