Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate Proposes Confidential Claims Program to Compensate Epstein Abuse Victims

| Nov 14, 2019 | Sex

Jeffrey Epstein’s estate plans confidential claims program to compensate victims of abuse

Jeffrey Epstein’s estate is planning to set up a voluntary and confidential “claims resolution program” to award money from the late financier’s fortune to the multiple women he allegedly abused. Epstein, whose estate is valued at about $577 million, died in jail in August while awaiting trial for federal sex trafficking charges.

According to Manhattan federal court papers filed by one of his accusers, lawyers for Mr. Epstein’s estate informed plaintiffs they were planning to seek approval for the victims’ compensation fund from a court in the United States Virgin Islands, where Mr. Epstein filed his will shortly before his death.

Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 in Florida state court, to a charge of soliciting prostitution from a minor. It was estimated that he engaged in sexual activity with at least 30 underage girls. Since Epstein’s death, at least eleven women have made claims against the alleged serial sexual predator.

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