Priest G – Diocese of Rockville Centre

| Dec 22, 2019 | Abuser Profiles, Catholic Church

Priest G

Diocese of Rockville Centre

Ordained: Unknown

Summary of Abuse Allegations Against Priest G:

In 2003, the Suffolk County Grand Jury released a report of accusations made against 23 Roman Catholic priests in the Diocese of Rockville Centre. The priests, whose names were omitted, were identified only by letters in the report. According to the report, the identity of Priest G is believed to be unknown. He was accused of abusing many altar boys, starting when he was a deacon. He was repeatedly transferred despite church officials’ knowledge of his abusive history.

The report stated, “Priest G attended a college seminary prior to entering the seminary. Before admission to the college, he was given a psychiatric evaluation. He was described by the examiner as, ‘immature and somewhat schizoid’, as well as a serious problem who needed attention and further evaluation. No such evaluation was forthcoming. Altar servers were a favorite target of sexually abusive priests.”

Priest G was assigned to a parish with an elementary school after his ordination. When a survivor reported child sexual abuse, “The Auxiliary Bishop confirmed that there had been other incidents of sexual abuse with Priest G and children.” In one instance, he placed a dog collar around a boy’s neck. He was removed and transferred to another elementary school, where the abuse reportedly continued.

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