Fr. Roberto Antonio Cadavid Arroyave – Diocese of Brooklyn

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Father Roberto Antonio Cadavid Arroyave

Diocese of Brooklyn

Ordained: 1988

Removed: 2017

Assigned as follows:

  • Our Lady of Angels Church (Brooklyn, NY) 
  • St. Rita’s Catholic Church (Long Island City, NY)

Summary of Abuse Allegations against Father Roberto Antonio Cadavid Arroyave:

Fr. Roberto Antonio Cadavid Arroyave was ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Medellin in Colombia. According to media reports, in 2012, he was suspended after the Archdiocese learned that at least four boys accused him of child sexual abuse, beginning in 2005 when Cadavid was director of a school. One alleged victim said  Cadavid paid him 88 million pesos (about $46,000) in 2009 to keep him quiet about the abuse. In Columbia, Cadavid had been moved from church to church and was then transferred when new allegations were reported.

In December 2012, Medellin Bishop Tobon allowed Cadavid to be transferred to the Diocese of Brooklyn, where he served in Brooklyn and Queen’s parishes. In June 2017, the Diocese of Brooklyn quietly removed him after learning that before his arrival, at least four boys had come forward accusing Cadavid of child sexual abuse. He returned home to Colombia. 

“We have evidence of the dates that some of these victims were hidden inside the parishes, spending several days there at a time away from their families,” the attorney said. “We have their parent’s testimonies.” She represented six alleged victims of Cadavid.

In March 2018, Tobon denied knowing he was in the states and claimed he did not recommend him for the transfer to Brooklyn because he suspended Cadavid in 2012, “immediately” after he learned of abuse allegations against him.  

A former priest and church sex abuse survivor advocate said, “This is another example of why the institution can’t police itself and the public has a reasonable fear that they won’t follow their own safety policies. We’ve supposedly had a zero-tolerance policy since 2002.”

In April 2018, the Diocese of Brooklyn informed its parishioners of Cadavid’s history of alleged abuse 10 months after his removal.

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