North Dakota May Extend Statute of Limitations On Child Sex Abuse Cases

| Jan 7, 2021 | Catholic Church

North Dakota’s Statute of Limitations

On Child Sex Abuse Cases


Survivors of childhood sexual abuse in North Dakota may finally be receiving some good news. They may soon have a window of opportunity to come forward and pursue justice for their traumatic childhood experiences.

North Dakota lawmakers are seeking to amend the statute of limitation laws in the state. There were over 50 priests and other Catholic officials who were named on the Fargo and Bismarck dioceses list of clergy who were deemed credibly accused of childhood sexual abuse.  Most of the abuse took place in the 1950s to the 1980s, making it impossible for most survivors to obtain justice in North Dakota based on existing law.

It’s unfortunate enough that one year has already passed since hte Diocese released its list of credibly accused priests.  But it would be devastating to continue the ignorance of not allowing a window of time to bring justice for those on the receiving end who survived a great deal of damage.

Many survivors suffer in shame and silence, and creating windows for them to pursue legal options is vital for some type of healing.  Although most of the priests and Catholic officials named on the Dioceses list are deceased, it is still just as relevant to heal and pursue justice today as it was when the abuse took place when the abusers were alive.

The truth needs to be exposed, as an apology for the crime does not suffice.

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