Miami Beach Teacher Alexandra Handwerger Fired for Sexual Misconduct

| Feb 26, 2021 | Schools & Universities

Alexandra Handwerger, a 48-year old English teacher at Miami Beach’s Hebrew Academy, was fired on January 30, 2021, for allegedly sending nude videos and photos to current and former male students, including some who are now studying abroad in Israel.  A criminal investigation is ongoing.

According to an incident report, administrators at Miami Beach Hebrew Academy received an anonymous email informing them that a teacher was sending lewd and inappropriate pictures. The email also had a phone number, which led them to an administrator of a school in Israel that told Miami administrators that a female teacher from Hebrew Academy had been sending her male students (who were 18 years old or over) inappropriate nude photos and videos.

The school reported the teacher to the Miami Beach police on February 19, and although they are currently conducting an investigation, Handwerger has not been criminally charged at this time.  When questioned about the photos, Handwerger initially claimed she could not recall any of it, but then later admitted to taking the pictures/videos but doesn’t know how the students got them.

Handwerger was not only a teacher at the Academy but the head of the English department.  The academy addressed the matter in a letter to parents that read, in part, “We received information that there is a video and possible photos of a former teacher that are inappropriate. It is our understanding that some graduates and current students may have received copies of the videos and/or photos. We are unaware of how our students received the videos/photos at this time, but have been and continue to conduct a thorough investigation regarding the entirety of this serious matter.”

Handwerger is the estranged wife of former WSVN reporter Rosh Lowe. Lowe claims he is deeply distraught by this matter and that he is taking the allegations very seriously.  Handwerger is also known publicly as Alex Lowe.

Schools are educational institutions in which children can learn and develop skills in a nurturing environment. It is expected that they be safe from violence, bullying, harassment, and sexual abuse.  Teachers are entrusted to facilitate learning and support the educational needs of their students. Someone who sexually violates young children has no place working in the school system. Any school in which such a crime is committed must take responsibility for failing to properly screen potential teacher and protect their students.

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