Colorado Sex Abuse Survivors Now Have Options For Justice

| Jul 8, 2021 | Survivors - Resources & Help

New Colorado Sex Abuse Statute of Limitations Gives Many Survivors Access to Courthouse

In early July, 2021, the State of Colorado became the latest in the wave of states to pass an extension to the statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases. In a landmark move, it re-opened its courts to many survivors of child sexual abuse by creating new legal rights for people sexually abused after January 1, 1960. Previously, all such lawsuits needed to be filed by the time the survivor turned 24, which is far sooner than experts say survivors of sex abuse come forward.

Starting in January 2022, survivors of sexual abuse in occurring after January 1, 1960, can sue those responsible for the abuse in Colorado’s courts anytime before January 1, 2025.  Under the law, the abuse must have occurred in conjunction with a “youth related activity,” such as the Boy Scouts, church altar boys, or school activity.  However, the definition is broad enough that most survivors will be able to qualify for the court relief.

The law also includes a provision to increase the damages cap on sex abuse claims.  Starting in 2022, survivors of abuse can seek up to $1,000,000 from private entities who enabled their abuse, up significantly from Colorado’s previous cap.

“We commend Colorado lawmakers for recognizing that sexual abuse causes shame, embarrassment, fear, and guilt that many survivors carry well into their adulthood – and that keeps them suffering in silence for decades,” Adam Horowitz, the managing partner of Horowitz Law says of the new law.  “We are seeing a wave of new legislation across America as more and more survivors come forward to demand access to courts to hold those responsible for their nightmare accountable. We can add Colorado to the list of states that are getting it right.”

The new law takes effect on January 1, 2022.

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