Divine Word Missionaries Who Worked in New Jersey Accused of Abuse

| Jul 12, 2021 | Abuser Profiles, Catholic Church

Though it has attracted very little public attention, a Catholic religious order has posted a list of its ‘credibly accused’ child molesting clerics. At least eight of them were in New Jersey and three of them are still alive.

Why is this relevant now? Because most people who were abused in New Jersey at any time only have until December 2021 to sue those responsible for the crimes and cover ups.

The Chicago-based Divine Word Missionaries put their ‘credibly accused’ list on their website in late May.


Those who spent time in New Jersey include:

–Fr. Jefferson Pool who worked in Bordentown between 1998-2020 and now lives in East Troy WI.

–Br. Gary Craanen who worked in Bordentown between 1973-1977 and now lives in Wisconsin.

–Br. Rogers (Charles) Hannan who worked in Asbury Park in 1987 and whose current whereabouts are unknown.

–Br. Deogratias Aguilar who also worked in Bordentown in the 1970s and in Neptune NJ in 1984.

–Br. Henry Miller who worked in Bordentown between 2005-2011.

–Br. William Morgan who worked in Bordentown in the 1940s and again between 1992-1995.

–Fr. Vance Thorne who worked in Bordentown between 1991-2004.

–Fr. Jacques (Nijssen) Nyssen who worked in Bordentown between 1992-2001.

All are deceased except Pool, Craanen and Hanna.

We at Horowitz Law hope everyone with information or suspicions about clergy sex crimes and cover ups – in any state – will break their silence, get real help, expose their predators and seek justice in every way possible.

But we especially hope that those who were injured in New Jersey learn about and take advantage of their chances to act before this deadline expires.