Massage Envy under fire for multiple sexual assault claims

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Massage Therapists

No Florida resident should ever feel unsafe while visiting a spa. Popular chain Massage Envy has come under fire in recent years for multiple claims of sexual assault on its clients.

What’s happening in Massage Envy spas?

Well-known spa chain Massage Envy has been the subject of much legal scrutiny for several years. Over 180 female clients have come forward to claim that male massage therapists inappropriately touched them while they were on the table and at their most vulnerable.

Women have filed lawsuits against Massage Envy and its management for sexual assault. One of the victims contacted the spa location where the crime occurred to inform a manager. Unfortunately, the manager didn’t take immediate action while the massage therapist who was named was working on a different client.

The victim later called the police, which led to the man admitting the allegations against him. He was later charged and pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting nine women.

How is Massage Envy responding?

The complaints of sexual assault against Massage Envy span more than 15 years. After victims filed lawsuits against the company, a representative stated that the claims were heartbreaking and that it works hard to screen every applicant who wishes to work at Massage Envy. Further, the spokesperson said that the most important thing is to provide clients with a safe experience at all locations.

Victims and their attorneys dispute that claim and point to the numerous criminal charges for sexual assault that have been filed against the company.

Massage Envy also stated that it cannot be liable for sexual assaults taking place at its spas due to franchising.

The American Massage Therapy Association believes that any massage therapist who commits a crime should be held accountable and that victims should contact the police.

If you were inappropriately touched while having a service at a spa or other establishment, you have every right to fight back.