New Boy Scouts Documentary Makes Its Scandalous Debut Exploring Decades of Sexual Abuse Cover-Ups

| Jun 8, 2022 | Boy Scouts of America

Making its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 9 at 6 PM and available for streaming on June 11, the new boy scouts documentary, “Leave No Trace”, explores the fall of the long-respected Boy Scouts of America organization. The revealing new trailer of this much-anticipated docufilm offers a peek inside the alleged century-long cover-up by the Boy Scouts of America that resulted in over 82,000 men coming forward with sexual abuse allegations against scoutmasters and other authority figures within the Boy Scouts, prompting bankruptcy filings and a record-breaking settlement that rocked the US court system to its core. After premiering at the TFF, Leave No Trace will then debut on Hulu and release theatrically in New York and L.A. on June 16.

The impactful film showcases that beneath the Boy Scouts’ wholesome exterior lies scandals and coverups in shocking proportions. Directed by Oscar nominee and Emmy Winner, Irene Taylor, executive produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, and partnering with ABC News investigators, the 108-minute documentary traces the downfall of the not-so American institution following not only the sex abuse allegations but also the accusations that the organization, which had the support of American presidents, CEOs and community leaders since its founding in 1910, was aware of pedophiles in its ranks for generations and moved them from troop to troop without warning.

The 2½-minute trailer includes clips of survivors attempting to cope with their trauma and how the trajectory of their lives was shaped by the abuse. Candidly and openly, they discuss what the organization’s principles taught them as young scouts and how the institution their parents trusted betrayed that very trust. One survivor narrates how the abuse began not even a week into him joining his troop, but “the night I got there. I just thought, ‘What is going on? Is this normal?’ “It got much worse from that.”

It also reveals survivor interviews and taped depositions with former organizational leadership that uncover how its executives allegedly put the Boy Scouts’ financial considerations and interests ahead of the safety of tens of thousands of school-aged boys.

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