Brevard County Pastor & Martial Arts Instructor Roberson Douge Arrested on Sex Abuse Charges

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Other Church & Religious Organizations

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On September 22, 2022, Roberson Douge, a Palm City pastor and martial arts instructor, was arrested for allegedly having sex with two teenage girls he met through his church and kung fu dojo. At the time of his arrest Douge served as a pastor at Apostolic Church of Christ and owned Tiger Claw Kung Fu Academy in Palm Bay, Florida.

According to media reports, Roberson Douge, age 42, was booked into Brevard County jail after the alleged victims contacted police this week and accused him of predatory sexual behavior. The police records report that one of the teen victims confided in the other that she had sex with Douge, prompting the other victim to share that she had similar experiences with the pastor. One of the victims told the police that she had sex with Roberson Douge at Apostolic Church, where she volunteered. She also claimed she had sex with Douge at his martial arts studio.  

The other victim told the police that she met Douge in 2019 after her family moved to Palm Bay and joined the church. She told police that she often spent time with the pastor’s family and claims he would drive her home and have sex with her in the church vehicle. The arrest report allegedly describes the sexual activity in the church, studio, and church van. The teen confided in her boyfriend about the abuse, who encouraged her to contact the authorities.

After the abuse was reported, the police set up a recorded phone call between one of the underage girls and Mr. Douge. On the call, the pastor allegedly apologized to the girl and begged her not to tell anyone about their physical relationship. It is also reported that the pastor admitted to having sex with both victims during the call.

The pastor was charged with 10 counts of unlawful sexual activity with minors and 10 counts of lewd and lascivious battery. According to his lawyer, Douge is being held without bail at the Brevard County Jail and missed his scheduled court appearance for medical reasons.  In addition to being a pastor, Douge was a heralded martial artist with 30 years of combat experience, and having participated in multiple Chinese Martial Arts Championships from 1999 to 2001. He reports being the only official master teaching Fu-Jow Pai in Florida following the passing of Grandmaster Julian Keith Duran this past June.

Roberson Douge’s alleged use of his faith community and martial arts instruction to obtain the trust of youth is similar to the acts of many known predators who gravitate toward fields and occupations where they would have access to minors.  Douge is just one of many authority figures to face charges this year for having inappropriate actions with a minor. This is every parent’s worst nightmare. Parents should feel confident that their children are safe with church officials and teachers and trust that their children will be cared for and protected from harm.  As of this writing, no civil lawsuits have been filed involving Roberson Douge.

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