Jacksonville Massage Therapist William Corley Has License Revoked Due to Sexual Misconduct

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On November 4, 2022, Jacksonville massage therapist, William Corley, had his license revoked following a disciplinary action brought by the Florida Department of Health Board of Massage Therapy alleging sexual misconduct at Essentials Massage and Facials in Jacksonville. The Order immediately prohibits Corley from practicing massage therapy in the State of Florida. Corley had been a licensed massage therapist in Florida since March 2019.

A Final Order of discipline was entered following an allegation made against Corley when he was working at Essentials Massage and Facials in Jacksonville. On July 5, 2021, William Daniel Corley performed a massage on a female client. During the massage, Corley allegedly asked the client if she had any problem areas to concentrate on. The victim informed Corley that she recently pulled a hamstring. Corley asked her to disrobe and lay face down. Corley proceeded to massage the client’s neck, shoulders, and back. He then reportedly moved the sheet to expose her legs and he rubbed her thighs. Corley allegedly then touched the outside of the client’s vagina with his finger. He then moved to the other leg and touched it again. He then is alleged to have removed the sheet exposing her buttocks and began rubbing it in a circular motion. Corley then allegedly spread her buttocks apart, revealing her anus and vagina, and cupped her vagina.

The Florida Department of Health (DOH) issued an Emergency Order restricting Corley’s massage therapy license on December 3, 2021. After an investigation, the Board of Massage Therapy found competent substantial evidence to support the allegations. Subsequently, Corley’s license has been revoked He is also ordered to pay an administrative fine of $2,500 and costs of the investigation.

There are numerous pending civil lawsuits involving sexual misconduct at various massage and spas in the State of Florida. Under Florida law, massage therapists occupy positions of trust, and all sexual activity between the massage therapist and clients is strictly prohibited. Corley violated the massage therapist-patient relationship according to the Department of Health.  A massage therapist may not use his relationship with a client to induce or attempt to induce the patient to engage or to engage or attempt to engage the patient in sexual activity outside the scope of practice or the scope of generally accepted examination or treatment of the patient.

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