Sexual misconduct in Florida

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Doctors/Healthcare Providers, Other Church & Religious Organizations

Sexual abuse is a problem throughout the country, including Florida. Cases occur in medical settings, churches, Hollywood, and under many other circumstances. But it’s sometimes difficult for victims to know whether or not the incident that made them feel uncomfortable is sexual misconduct. Many people feel like it’s just them having this experience until someone else confirms that they’ve had the same experience, and cases are often not reported.

Cases under-reported, and doctors are not held accountable in medical settings

Currently, there’s often a lack of transparency in terms of sexual misconduct by doctors, which could put patients at risk. Additionally, some cases are delayed, which could make it more likely that more patients could be at risk of being abused. Finally, when doctors are held accountable, the punishments are often weak. Many doctors who are guilty of sexual misconduct also continue to practice.

Sexual abuse by clergy in Florida

The medical setting is only one place where sexual misconduct sometimes occurs. Churches are one place where some people are molested, especially children. While a lot of focus is on the Catholic clergy, many different types of religious institutions are involved in sexual misconduct cases against children, including Baptists, Jehovah’s Witness, Judaism, the Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Episcopal Church, and the Church of Scientology. Any sexual abuse acts against children in Florida may constitute a reason for the perpetrator to serve prison time, but there is a statute of limitations that depends on a variety of factors. Talking about sexual abuse sooner rather than later will help ensure that a case is within the statute of limitations.

If you’re unsure of whether you are a victim, talking to a professional can help you better understand if what you experienced was sexual abuse.