What are the signs of religious abuse in Florida?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Other Church & Religious Organizations, Other Sexual Abuse

Many types of spousal abuse can take place in Florida. While everyone knows about physical abuse and how to recognize the signs, not as many people are familiar with the various types of abuse out there.

Religious abuse occurs within spiritual communities, such as a church or within your own family. This can happen on a sliding scale of severity but can be very damaging.

What are some examples of religious abuse?

Religious abuse is sometimes referred to as spiritual abuse. It’s summarized by any type of abuse – emotional or physical – that occurs within a spiritual community.

A small example is members of a congregation making someone feel ashamed for their identity or for life choices they make (like not wanting to have kids or having sex before marriage). An extreme example is one spouse not allowing the other to practice their religion at home.

When this abuse is coming from an esteemed member of the community or someone in a position of power, it’s incredibly manipulative. This abuse often goes unreported or there’s even more pressure to keep quiet about it.

Lasting impact of religious abuse

Because of the power imbalance or pressure to conform, many individuals going through religious abuse also go through other types of abuse. This includes things like financial abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse alongside emotional.

The signs of a loved one going through religious abuse mirror a lot of other abuse signs. The individual might withdraw from family and friends, or act out in uncharacteristic ways.

The emotional damage of losing the safety they found in their religious community can be overwhelming and may drive many to make unhealthy decisions. If you or a loved one is experiencing emotional abuse, it’s essential to seek help right away.