Negligence and sexual assaults on cruise ships

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Cruise Ships & Yachts

The cruise ship industry remains a popular part of the Florida economy. Locals and tourists book trips on cruise lines, and some might find their trip ends in an assault. The same could happen to cruise ship employees, as well. Cruise line workers could sometimes be the perpetrators of sexual assaults.

Sexual assaults and cruise lines

Court records show documented cases of cruise line employees charged with rape. Instances of child sexual abuse have occurred. FBI records show that from 2015 through March of 2023, there were 454 sex crime allegations on cruise ships. Such concerning figures should prompt cruise lines to increase security and take other measures. However, not all cruise companies make changes or implement policies that seek to prevent assaults.

Installing security cameras could help reduce the number of sexual assaults. So might hiring much security personnel. However, cruise lines may not take these steps because they might cut into profits. Such actions could leave the cruise line liable for harm from passengers or workers.

Cruise lines and liability

Passengers have a reasonable expectation of safety when traveling on cruise ships. The company may face liability claims when a cruise line’s security policies become lax. If a company fails to address complaints about a potentially dangerous employee, such as harassment, the cruise line may be held partially responsible for any harm caused by that employee.

Did the cruise line properly screen the employee accused of assault? Not performing background checks adequately could be another negligent action by the cruise line. Any negligent behavior on the cruise ship’s part could make the company liable for a victim’s pain and suffering. The victim may file a lawsuit to recover compensation and punitive damages from all responsible and negligent parties.