Fr. Alfred Ewanowski – Archdiocese of Baltimore

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Father Alfred Ewanowski

Archdiocese of Baltimore/Franciscans

Alfred Ewanowski Horowitz Law

Ordained: 1967

Died: 1990

Assignment History:

  • 1968-1976: Archbishop Curley High School (Baltimore, MD)

Summary of Abuse Allegations Against Father Alfred Ewanowski

Fr. Alfred Ewanowski was ordained a Franciscan priest and worked in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. In 2019, Fr. Ewanowski was listed on the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Credibly Accused of Sexual Abuse of Minors list. In April 2023, Maryland’s Attorney General released a report alleging 156 Catholic clergy members sexually abused at least 600 children over six decades. The report lists the names of the abusers, including Fr. Ewanowski.

According to the Attorney General’s report, in 1999, a man wrote to the former president of Archbishop Curley High School in Baltimore, asking to be removed from the school’s mailing list and reported that he was a victim of sexual abuse by his then Biology teacher, Fr. Ewanowski in 1967. During an interview, the victim told the Attorney General’s office that Ewanowski told the victim he needed to complete an English prerequisite by completing a “special project” in lieu of the term paper. Ewanowski arranged to meet the victim on multiple occasions after school for the “special project.” When the victim arrived, Ewanowski locked the door to the room and turned off the lights, and had the victim change into his gym uniform in front of him. Ewanowski then sexually abused the victim in a storage closet inside of the locked room under the pretext of wrestling the victim for additional study of human muscle groups. 

The AG’s report shows that in November 2013, a second victim came forward and reported that he was sexually abused by Ewanowski in approximately 1969 when he was in Ewanowski’s German class. He was struggling with his German accent, and during one conversation, Ewanowski called him “strong-looking” and arranged to meet him after school. At that time, Ewanowski had the victim change into his gym clothes and then “dry humped” the victim in a closet of the school. The boy advised that thereafter, he stayed away from Ewanowski until his family moved, and he transferred schools. The school and the Archdiocese made mandatory reports of abuse to authorities. 

In December 2015, records of a civil settlement include reference to an incident of sexual abuse involving Ewanowski. The victim also alleges that he was involved in a wrestling incident with a Franciscan priest, believed to be Fr. Alfred Ewanowski, in 1972 at Archbishop Curley High School, which made him uncomfortable. Ewanowski died in 1990.

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