Fr. Alphonsus Figlewski – Archdiocese of Baltimore

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Father Alphonsus Figlewski

Archdiocese of Baltimore/Franciscan

Alphonsus Figlewski Horowitz Law

Ordained: 1905

Died: 1948

Assignment History:

  • 1924-1939: St. Stanislaus (Baltimore, MD)

Summary of Abuse Allegations Against Father Alphonsus Figlewski

Father Alphonsus Figlewski was ordained a Franciscan priest and worked in the Archdiocese of Baltimore as well as in Shamokin, PA; Milwaukee, WI; Chelsea, MA; Bridgeport, CT; Loretto, Italy; and Hamburg, NY. In April 2023, Maryland’s Attorney General released a report alleging 156 Catholic clergy members sexually abused at least 600 children over six decades. The report lists the names of the abusers, including Father Figlewski.

According to the Attorney General’s report, In 1997, a victim reported to the Archdiocese that he had been abused by Alphonsus Figlewski in the 1930s. The victim claimed that Fr. Figlewski would take individual altar boys on trips on the streetcars and instructed the boys to wear short pants on these excursions. The victim stated that Figlewski asked him to pose for a photograph and fondled the victim while ostensibly “fixing” his shorts for the picture.” The victim further reported that Figlewski “touched him while on the streetcar.” The Archdiocese made the mandated report. 

After no response, in 2002, the same victim wrote to Cardinal William H. Keeler to report Fr. Figlewski’s abuse recounting the details. The victim wrote that he “suffered repeated sexual abuse during the time he was an elementary school student at Saint Stanislaus Kosta School in Fell’s Point.”  The victim claimed the abuse occurred at least twice, perhaps three times, on separate occasions when he was in the 5th or 6th grade. He said that Father Figlewski took him by himself on the No. 16 streetcar, which traveled down Broadway to Baltimore Street, and sexually abuse him, stating vivid recollections of Figlewski placing coins in” his underpants and touching his genitals. The Archdiocese allowed the case to be handled through its mediation program and ultimately reached a settlement with the victim. Figlewski died in 1948 and is not listed on the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Credibly Accused report. 

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