Kids Can Be Vulnerable to Sexual Abuse During Youth Activities

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Cheer & Youth Athletic Organizations

In Florida, finding activities for children is a priority for their parents. Often, that involves sports, camping, performance art, and much more. While most people who take part in organizing, coaching, teaching, and providing guidance are doing so with good intentions, these programs have a history of attracting potential sexual abusers.

Parents should take specific steps to protect their children

Any child-focused organization could be vulnerable to sexual predators. People with bad intentions with children frequently work to gain the trust of the child and even the parents. They then use their charm to groom a child and commit acts of abuse.

When parents trust their kids with others, they cannot watch them 24 hours a day. Still, there are ways to prepare children to protect themselves. Talking to them and telling them what behaviors to look for is paramount. They must also make certain the child is not afraid to tell a parent or other relative about any worrisome behaviors that make them uncomfortable.

With youth athletics and other child-based activities, knowing the history of the organization, the people who run it, and those who are overseeing the children is a sound way to take preventative action against sexual abuse.

Educating children to avoid sexual predators is of primary importance

Kids are naturally trusting, and it is part of a sexual predator’s plan to use that innocence to achieve their objectives. This can lead to sexual abuse that can scar a child for life.

Even if parents give their kids a list of behaviors to look for and what to do if they are suspicious, it is not always possible to eliminate every threat. There are steps that can be taken to hold groups responsible when they are not vigilant enough to prevent abuse from happening.