North Miami Catholic School Deacon Arrested For Sexually Abusing Students

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On May 31, 2023, North Miami Police arrested Deacon Carlos Humberto Ramirez on two counts of lewd and lascivious child molestation. Ramirez, 51, works as a teacher and deacon at Holy Family Catholic School, located at 14650 NE 12th Avenue in North Miami, where the arrested occurred.

According to the media reports, the alleged incidents occurred during Spanish class on church grounds in March 2023. The arrest report states that the first victim was an 11-year-old student who was turning in her classwork when Ramirez grabbed her by the waist and squeezed her buttocks. The second victim, 12, witnessed the incident, and when she went to turn in her work, Ramirez grabbed her by the waist and moved her in front of him. The student told police that she felt Ramirez’ erect penis under his clothes while he grabbed her behind and squeezed it two times under her skirt and kissed her cheek, the report said. Ramirez was arrested and booked into jail. The next day, a judge found probable cause and ordered Ramirez held without bond and ordered to stay away from the alleged victims.

In a statement Thursday, the Archdiocese of Miami said Ramirez was immediately placed on administrative leave when the allegations surfaced in March.“During these many weeks, Holy Family School officials and the Archdiocese of Miami administrators fully cooperated with the police investigation,” the statement read. “It has been a difficult time for students, teachers, and administrators of Holy Family School and Parish, and prayers are offered for all those involved.” Police said they’re still investigating.

Schools are educational institutions in which children should be able to learn and develop skills in a nurturing environment. It is expected that they are safe from violence, bullying, harassment, and sexual abuse. Teachers, staff, and coaches are entrusted to facilitate learning and support the educational needs of their students. Someone who sexually violates young children has no place working in the school system or around children. Any school where such a crime is committed should take responsibility if they fail to properly screen potential teachers and protect their students.

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