Horowitz Law Attorney Jessica Arbour Quoted In Denver Post

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Catholic Church, Other Church & Religious Organizations, Other Sexual Abuse

Jessica Arbour

On Sunday, August 20, 2023, Horowitz Law attorney Jessica Arbour was quoted in the Denver Post regarding developments in Colorado lawmakers’ plans to enact a Constitutional Amendment to open Colorado’s courts to survivors of child sexual abuse:

Jessica Arbour, an attorney at Horowitz Law who represented Houston and has years of experience representing survivors of sexual abuse, said she and her firm were happy to see Colorado lawmakers getting to work so quickly to open the courthouse back up to these decades-old cases after the Supreme Court’s June decision.

“There’s been a movement across the country, particularly since 2018 when the Attorney General of Pennsylvania published a groundbreaking grand jury report about the level of sexual abuse of children in the state of Pennsylvania, where states are opening these look-back windows up,” Arbour said. “Colorado really is an outlier in the sense that it, out of 35 or so other states who’ve passed these windows, got struck down. We expected a challenge, but the result was certainly unexpected and unusual compared to other states.”

The article follows the Denver Post’s in-depth profiles of several Horowitz Law clients who were shut out of Colorado’s courts when the state’s Supreme Court overturned a law that allowed older abuse cases to be filed in court.  Arbour was quoted extensively in that piece as well.  After the initial article, Colorado lawmakers got to work developing plans for a Constitutional Amendment, which would leave the question of how long CSA survivors have to sue to Colorado’s voters, not the courts.

Colorado State Senator Jessie Danielson of Colorado’s 22nd District (Denver) is leading the legislative efforts to bring the proposed Amendment to fruition.

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