Common signs your child has been sexually abused at day care

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | Day Cares, Preschools & Child Care

One of the biggest nightmares for any Florida parent is to learn that your child has been abused. It can be an even bigger shock when it happens while your child is very young and the person entrusted to care for them has committed the crime. These are some common signs of day care sexual abuse.

Physical signs

In most cases, there are physical signs of child care sexual abuse you can observe. One of the most obvious is any bruising, bleeding or itching in or around your child’s genital area. If they develop frequent urinary tract infections, yeast infections or sexually transmitted infections, it’s a telltale sign that your child has been sexually abused.

You may also notice that your child’s underwear is bloody, stained or torn. They might also have trouble sitting because they are in pain in the genital or anal area. Any of these physical signs should set off alarm bells; you will want to immediately take your child to the doctor or emergency room for an examination.

Emotional signs

If your child has physical signs of sexual abuse, they will probably also exhibit emotional signs. The crime may be happening at their day care center if they act fearful or anxious when you take them there. They might also try to avoid a particular caretaker and act withdrawn or depressed.

Children abused at day care often play with dolls in a sexual manner. If you notice your child doing this at home with their toys or acting out sexual behaviors with other children, it indicates they have faced abuse.

Sometimes, young children are too young or too afraid to tell their parents that they have been sexually abused. Abusers groom them and often use threats to get them to stay silent. If you suspect your child is facing day care sexual abuse, take immediate action.